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Hi Everybody!
Welcome To my website. Here I update now and then where you can see me play or which releases are coming up.

I'm excited to announce the release of my solo-album "Grinding Teeth" on September 29th on the english label Vision Of Sound.

On September 2nd and 3rd at Spreehallen Berlin we'll continue a very special project by the mezzosporano-singer Claudia Van Hasselt which includes installations, video-projections and compositions by Tomi Räisänen and Amen Feizabadi about the baltic sea and especially the Aland-Islands called The A / A Universe.

Furthermore I'm looking forward to shows with Gorilla Mask, Sophie Tassignons KHYAL and Lambert.
d Where and when you can see at: Konzerte!

For seeing me online I'm happy that the video of my performance at the Berlin Solo Impro-festival has arrived, check me out here:

Still fresh: The debut-album Stamina by Grand Couloir with Volker Meitz, Christoph Titz, Tilo Weber und Dirk Steglich is available on Challenge Records!

And here some more infos:

The Grammy-nominated album "LP5" by Apparat was released on Depeche Mode's label mute-records.

Here's is the opener of that album with me on acoustic bass, check out the nice 3D-visuals in this video:

Here are some press reactions to it:
"A masterclass in Electronic music" 8/10 THE LINE OF BEST FIT
"An excellent album" 8/10 DROWNED IN SOUND
"Breathtaking intricacy and patience [...] a singular achievement" 8/10 EXCLAIM
"An ambitious, inventive album" ALL MUSIC
"Haunting and gripping,[...] his voice remains one of the most unqiue in electronic music" MAGNETIC MAGAZINE

I'm not leading a band right now, but there still is the CD of my band ODD SHOT, you'll find it under "Projects".

And here an update about some releases with bands I'm on:

The second album of the Christian Krischkowsky-Quartett is out on Challenge-Records now!

I'm also very happy that the second release of Mac n Bass is out on Vision Of Sound-Records, check it out or order it here!

Simon Vincent's Occasional Trio has two albums on the market, you can order them through Simon Vincent's wesbsite.

Yours, Roland

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